Website Translation

Technically called website localisation, translating websites into Chinese involves more than text copy translation.

English and Chinese languages are different in many ways. These differences are more pronounced when translating a website into Chinese.

For example, in document translation, in most cases, there is no strict character limit or sentence length limit. However, in website translation, different sentence lengths could affect how a text block/picture/button must be reformatted.

Other issues include font issues, broken texts embedded in codes, different SEO strategies, etc. All these issues must be dealt with in close cooperation with an experienced Chinese translator.

Jianjun, the translator who will translate your website, has over 12 years of experience translating websites into Chinese. Our first client is software maker WordFast.

Other corporate clients include TESEAS Global Health, Wilton Guest Houses, ILA – Chateaux & Hotels de CharmeXING AGLocation Based Technology, and more.

If you wish to translate your website into Chinese, Yay Translations is your best choice.

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