Personal Translation

Aside from business translation services, we also provide personal translations for individuals.

From our own experience, most of our personal email or message translation customers initially did not think it was necessary to hire a professional translator to do the job.

As one of our customers said, he thought it was too personal and sensitive to hire someone to be the messenger. However, when machine translations almost turned two partners into foes, he realised how serious the matter was and turned to us for help.

Jianjun, the professional who runs this website and provides all translations to our clients, will make sure your private matter remains private. The mechanism he adopts makes sure only the two partners and the translator read the messages that need to be translated.

Further, Jianjun uses a commercial VPN service to secure communication from his computer to the Internet. None of your messages will be downloaded to his local storage. All your messages will be wiped after the job is done.

The content of personal translations often involves expression of feelings and emotions. The subtlety of the original language must be taken care of to ensure effective communication.

We have successfully helped more than twenty couples and thirty-four individuals with their personal communication needs. We can help you too.

Personal translation enjoys  more than 37% discount of our normal business rate.

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