Apps Translation

Translating apps into Chinese is more challenging than website translation. Apps have more stringent requirements for font size and character length. The text can be very fragmented or even without any context.

However, Chinese is a contextual language. Without sufficient technical and language experience, patience and an eye for detail, the resulting Chinese translation can be illegible or misleading in the actual app, spoiling user experience.

Our experience in app translation dates back to 2008, when we first localised the Scrobbler app from Some of the notable apps we helped to translate from English to Chinese include: MyWorkPlan from Sescoi, FlikFlak iPad app, Lookout Android and iOS apps, Four Great Chinese Beauties (casino game) from High 5 Games, Nigh Sky iOS apps, and many more.

Apps translation process usually starts with the actual use of the app. The second stage would be translation of text strings and then final review of the localised app. The whole process requires close cooperation between developers and the translator. For some large projects, it also involves the in-house project manager from your company.

If you are interested in translating your apps into Chinese, we can make sure it speaks good and natural Chinese.

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