Yay Translations is formerly known as Yeasir Business Services and Yeasir Translations.

Jianjun (LinkedIn), a veteran English to Chinese translator and intercultural trainer, runs this website and personally works on all projects received from you and other clients. We are not an agency and we do not reassign your trust.

In a world of fake profiles and machine translations, the translation market has become ever messy and treacherous. Even some of the largest companies fell into this trap and used dubious services.

For the last 14+ years, Jianjun has distinguished himself by hard work, dedication, and uncompromising pursuit of better quality.

Jianjun is able to establish long-term partnerships with clients through consistent quality output and expertise in translation and cultural communication. The trust begins and lasts since the first assignment.

From 2013 to 2017, Jianjun spent four years studying traditional Chinese culture and Classical Chinese. In turn, this will be a plus in his future translation and cultural work for you.

If you are seeking a reliable professional Chinese translator that delivers on time at reasonable costs with superb quality, Yay Translations is your best choice.

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