Human Translation

All our translations are meticulously crafted by a certified Chinese translator with more than 14 years of professional experience and a master's degree in Intercultural Communication.

From business websites, blogs, apps, documents to personal emails, our rich experience and competitive rates will make sure your audience receive culturally appropriate messages with the original impact.

Premium Quality Chinese Translation Services

Run by full-time professional Chinese translator Jianjun (LinkedIn), Yay Translations provides premium quality Chinese translation services to businesses and individuals at affordable prices.

By directly ordering English to Chinese translation services from Jianjun, you enjoy the same quality and prompt delivery, at lower costs. You can be sure that what you pay goes 100% to producing the quality work you require.

Jianjun is a NAETI (China) certified English to Chinese translator with a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication.

His theory-based unique approach to translation will ensure your English messages are faithfully delivered to the target Chinese audience with no trace of translation or cultural issues.

Whether it is websites, apps or games, manuals, documents or personal emails, Jianjun will be able to fulfil your communication needs.

If you would like to learn more about Chinese translation services Jianjun provides, feel free to explore the following topics, or request a quote.